January 25, 2023
How to Become Blogger

How to Become a Blogger? Main Difference Between Blog and Website

In this article, we are going to discuss How to Become a Blogger? Main Difference Between Blog and Website. Blogging is a kind of internet diary or a journal. It has been started in the early 1990s. People use to write about their personal life and daily routine. Firstly, the term “weblog” was being used for blogs in the mid-1990s.

With the passage of time, it became a blog. Due to the increasing popularity of such web pages, several tools started to appear. These tools made easy to create web pages, journals and blogs for the users even if they don’t have any technical knowledge about this field.

You can become a blogger by starting your own blog or writing articles for another Blogger. Popular blogging website Blogger was introduced in 1999. Later on, it was acquired by Google in 2003. Another blogging platform WordPress was launched the same year.

WordPress has become very famous because it is easy to use. A person without technical knowledge of web designing can easily create and manage his website or blog on its own.

Blog Post

WordPress has empowered more than 30% of all web pages. We can see the popularity of WordPress among all blogging platforms.

What is a Blog?

What is a Blog

A blog is a website where content is presented in the shape of a blog post in reverse chronological order. Normally blogs are being managed and operated by individuals or a small group of people.

Blogs are normally written in a conversational style. Blogs also have a comments section at the end of their blog post, where readers can express their views about that blog post or topic.

With the passage of time, blogging is getting more popularity. Now even most of the corporate sectors also have their blogs where they write about their products and services.

What is the Main Difference Between a Blog and a Typical Website?

Difference between blog and website

A blog is a kind of website that is updated regularly. Blogs have frequently updated content in the shape of blog posts in reverse chronological order (Newer post on top).

Whether a website is a static web page that is not updated more frequently as compared to a blog. The website contains different static pages and all the information on these pages has been arranged at the time of their creation.

What is Better? Blog or Website?

This is a very important question before starting. As a beginner, you may be confused about whether you should start a blog or a website? The answer to this question totally depends on your goals, that you want to achieve from it.

Many of the small businesses all over the world have a traditional website consisting of static pages. They just want to show their presence on the internet and to share their contact information.

But, on the other hand, businesses are now realizing the importance of blogging. They have a separate portion for a blog on their traditional static website. These businesses blog about their products and services and gain more traffic to their website from search engines.

Companies are now aware of the importance of the blog. They consider it while they write their marketing strategy. More visits to the website from the search engine lead to more sales and result in more profits.

How to Become a Blogger?

It is very easy to become a blogger. If you can write on a topic and can explain it in a better way, you are just one step away from becoming a blogger.

That one step is your website or blog that you have to own where you could publish your writings. There are so many options to start with. You can start blogging without investing a single penny.

How to become a blogger

WordPress gives you the choice to create your own blog free of cost. You just need an email account to start with it. Go to the WordPress website and create your free account by using your email id. Login to your account and start blogging. This is as easy as one, two and three.

You will create your domain name on WordPress free and start blogging by posting your first blog post. In the free account, your domain name will be something like this:


The second option is to get started with your customized domain name as you can see my domain name that is:


Having your customized domain name looks professional and it leaves a good impact on your readers and clients.

How to Buy Customized Domain Name?

There are so many companies that are providing the service of domain name registration. These companies are known as a domain registrar. I will suggest you buy your customized domain name from Namecheap.

As name shows, you can search and get your desired domain name on very nominal rates. They also offer web hosting, VPN and SSL certificates etc. I have explained the complete process in a video. You can watch this video here:

How to Buy Domain

Click Here to buy your customized domain name and web hosting from Namecheap. I hope that now you know that how to become a blogger and what is the main difference between blog and website.

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