November 27, 2022
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Gear and gadgets for productivity and good health

Have a look at gear and gadgets for productivity and good health. In December 2019, coronavirus pandemic started firstly in China and expanded all over the world within a couple of months. Due to the rapid increase of infected cases day by day, most of the businesses gone through a lockdown and economic activities suspended for weeks.

I am writing this blog post in July 2020, and this pandemic is still going on. So the government officials and businesses decided to change their working habits to survive in this situation. They adopted the strategy of work from home to avoid virus infections in workplaces.

Majority of the workforce is now working from home. a home is a place where we feel most comfortable, but normally we are not used to working from home. We may work on our laptop while sitting in front of Netflix. It could be fun, but it can decrease our productivity. Here are some must-have gear and gadgets for productivity and good health.

Disclosure: I may earn an affiliate commission on some of the products featured on this post with no cost to you.

1. Comfortable Office Chair (Gear and Gadgets)

Office Chair Gear and gadgets for productivity and good health

You might think that you can use your dining table chair or a couch for sitting for long hours. It will be very painful and your shoulders and back will complain about it. When start working from home, a comfortable office chair is essential for more productivity and meeting your projects deadlines.

I will not recommend you to spend too much on an expensive office chair. But, an investment in an affordable office chair for working from home will be a good investment. It will definitely benefit you in your work. You may check out some of the good and comfortable office chairs by clicking on the button given below.

2. Computer Desk

Computer Desk for Home Gear and gadgets for productivity and good health

Majority of the professionals are in quarantine due to coronavirus pandemic. People are doing their office work remotely. Productivity is the main concern of these remote workers.

We have different types of tables at our homes that we can use to work on our laptop. But, right gear and gadgets for productivity and good health are their own significance which we can not deny.

Choose the best working desk for your home office setup to increase your ease of work and productivity. You can have a Prepac Wall Mounted Floating Desk or an L-Shaped Home Office Corner Desk according to your budget and space in the room where you are planning to place it.

Check out some more working desk ideas in different prices and shapes by clicking below.

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3. Fast and Reliable Internet Connection (Gear and gadgets)

Internet Router Gear and gadgets for productivity and good health

A good and reliable internet connection is at top of the list to work remotely. If you do not have a reliable and fast internet connection with unlimited bandwidth, your productivity might at the lowest.

Your gadgets are useless without the internet. Make a sensible investment while deciding to purchase internet service. a bad choice can directly affect your work.

You can check some good options for internet service for home by clicking below. I will again say, choose wisely and after proper research in your area. Because the quality of service can vary from location to location.

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4. Backup Internet (Gear and gadgets)

Backup Internet Gear and gadgets for productivity and good health

Never rely on a single source of internet when doing work from a remote location or from the couch of your living room. There is an old saying that “Two is one, and one is none.” In case you are depending on your only source of internet service, your productivity might be at risk in case if your internet connection lost for some reason.

You can turn your mobile phone into a hotspot device, but it is not a permanent solution. You need to have a proper internet device as a backup for your internet connection.

Have a look at NETGEAR Nighthawk M1 available on Amazon. This device is easy to use and have a good battery time. You can purchase it as a backup connection for your home office.

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5. Webcam

Webcam Picture Gear and gadgets for productivity and good health

If you are not using a laptop with a built-in camera, you probably need to have a webcam separately. Make an investment in a camera that will benefit you when participating in a conference call or a meeting with your team members. I will include it in the list of gear and gadgets for productivity and good health.

A number of cameras are available on the internet. You can choose from as per your budget and usage. Follow the link below to have a look at different available options.

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6. Headphones

Headphone Picture Gear and gadgets for productivity and good health

You will need a headphone with a mic to make a conversation on conference calling and meetings with your clients and team members. Apple AirPods are in trend nowadays and many people like to use them. But, you can purchase earbuds within your budget online. I have researched some products for you on Amazon. Have a look at them here.

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7. Bluetooth Speaker for Voice Calls

Bluetooth Speaker Gear and gadgets for productivity and good health

It is very difficult to hold a phone with your ear for a long call. After a few minutes, you feel tired and you lose your concentration in the call. Here is the solution. Anker PowerConf Bluetooth Speakerphone comes with 6 built-in microphones.

You can put this beautiful device in the middle of your table and talk on a long conference call while walking around in the room. Voice quality is very good and 6 built-in microphones make you audible for your peers. This product is available on Amazon at a reasonable price.

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8. Keyboard, Mouse and LCD (Gear and gadgets)

Keyboard and Mouse Gear and gadgets for productivity and good health

If you don’t use a desktop and have a laptop for your work, I will suggest you have a separate keyboard and mouse. You can increase your productivity by attaching a keyboard and a mouse with your laptop. It will speed up your work and you can meet your deadlines.

Advantage of having a monitor or LCD is that you can use your laptop as a desktop whenever you want. You don’t need to purchase a separate desktop.

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If you need a laptop backpack for your laptop, this article may help you to make the best choice ever.

9. Fast Charger

Fast Charger Picture Gear and gadgets for productivity and good health

Your all gear and gadgets run on a battery, and you have to charge them after use. Fast Charger is a good addition to your gadgets collection. It will help you to charge your gadgets fast. Check out in button given below.

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