January 31, 2023
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What is the best blogging platform for beginners

If you are reading this article, it means that you want to start a blog. But, can not figure out what is the best blogging platform for beginners? Don’t worry, you are not alone here. Most of the people having plans to start their blog go through this problem.

In this article, I will share my personal experience and try to conclude the best available options to start as a beginner. I have researched this topic on the internet, talked to the bloggers on social media and know their views about choosing the best platform for a blog.

How to choose a blogging platform

You can write and publish your content on all blogging platforms available on the internet. But, before choosing a blogging platform there are a lot of other things to consider. You should know all these factors before jumping into blogging and start publishing your hard work.

A right blogging platform should let you:

  • customize the appearance of your blog that matches your personality.
  • branding of your blog with your logo.
  • attach custom domain name for your blog.
  • attach Adsense account for making money blogging.
  • get regular readers for your blog through subscribe option.
  • add social sharing buttons for more traffic and enhanced web presence.

There are many other important factors that you can not ignore while choosing the right platform for blogging. Many platforms are offering free blogging option. But, you can not get most of the features in free versions. So, you will not be able to grow more and you will not even be able to monetize your hard work.

If you choose a wrong blogging platform at the starting of your blogging career, it will be very difficult to switch later. Many people make this mistake and start on a wrong blogging platform and then stuck into it.

Factors to choose a blogging platform

Apart from easy to set up with no coding skills and quick to learn, you should also know about the following features before choosing a blogging platform:

  • Blog Design: Choose a blogging platform that offers a variety of designs for your blog. You could customize it according to your requirements and taste.
  • Easy to Learn: An ideal blogging platform should be user friendly and easy to learn for all age groups. You could easily learn it and grow your blog very quickly.
  • Support Mobile Blogging: Many of us love to write while travelling around. A blogging platform should allow you to blog from the ease of your mobile phone. Even if you have no plans to blog from a mobile phone, your blogging platform should have the option to let you reply comments, upload a picture and view stats right from your mobile phone.

Which blogging platform is not a right choice?

If a blogging platform is not up to date with trending technologies and requirements, it is a wrong platform to choose and start blogging. For example, a few years back it was not necessary that a blog or a website should be responsive or mobile-friendly. But, with the passage of time, it is the main requirement for any of the blog or a business website that it should be mobile-friendly for better customer experience.

Hence, the requirement to be mobile-friendly for a blogging platform is for both, readers and the bloggers as well. It is possible that you are travelling around and a thought comes to your mind that you want to write about. If your blogging platform doesn’t support mobile blogging, it’s not a good choice and you will be regretting on your choice.

Popular Blogging Platforms

In this article, we are going to talk about five blogging platforms that are the best choice for starting a blogging career.

  1. Blogger
  2. WordPress.com
  3. WordPress.org
  4. Medium
  5. Wix

There are so many other platforms you might go through on the internet listed as best platforms in different articles, but most of them are not good for blogging. They might be good site builders for building a website. But, they are not the right choice for blogging.

1. Blogger

Blogger is the earliest blogging platform that was launched in 1999. Later in 2003, it was acquired and redesigned by Google. Blogger is a free blogging platform and now its a product of Google. A newbie can easily start his own blog within few clicks. Its interface is user friendly and you can launch your blog within no time. You just need to have a Google account which you can use on all products of Google.

Blogger Interface

Sign In with your Gmail account and create your blog. Blogger offers you free subdomain and free web hosting. You don’t need any hosting separately to host and publish your content.


  • Its free to start a blog on Blogger.
  • Your blog is hosted by the Google, so it has very good loading time and unlimited bandwidth.
  • Its easy to use without any technical knowledge about websites and blogs.
  • It has the advantage of Google’s security and reliability.


  • No frequent updates and new features added on Blogger.
  • Limited features and tools for customization, you can not add more features as you grow your audience on Blogger.
  • Your blog can be suspended/unpublished without any prior notice. It is also possible that Google may discontinue Blogger Services in future.
  • Limited choice in designing. You have fewer templates available for your blog design.

As a newbie, I also started my first blog on Blogger a few years ago. But, after a couple of months, I came to know about a better option for blogging and I shifted on WordPress (Self Hosted) blogging platform.

If you want to start a personal blog without investing in domain name and web hosting, you can start with Blogger.

2. WordPress.com

WordPress is a very common platform for blogging. It offers two versions. WordPress.com offers free basic hosting service and free subdomain for your blog. But, in the free version, you get limited features.

You can sign up for a pro version for the custom domain name and extended storage and other features. WordPress.com was launched in 2005 to increase the blogging experience on WordPress to a larger audience.

WordPress.com Blogging Platform Homepage.

37% of the web is built on WordPress. it’s a huge number and you can imagine the popularity of this wonderful blogging platform. WordPress.com is the best choice for those who want to blog without having advanced features and a self-hosted blog.


  • No setup is required. You can signup with your Gmail Account.
  • It’s absolutely free as long as you are comfortable with a subdomain. Your blog’s URL will look like this: yourblogname.wordpress.com
  • It’s very easy to use and manage your blog. You will learn to manage it within no time.


  • Your blog can be suspended at any point if you violate any terms of use. You don’t own your blog.
  • The free version has limited features to offer. You cannot fully customize your blog according to your needs and taste.
  • You can neither monetize your blog nor run advertisements on your blog to earn from it. Instead, WordPress will run advertisements on your free blog.

3. WordPress.org

WordPress.org is a free CMS (Content Management System) software for self-hosted blogs. You don’t have to pay for the software. instead, you only pay for your customized domain name and web hosting. WordPress.org is the best choice if you want to bring your blog to the next level and want to make money from it.

WordPress.org is an open source blogging platform that allows you to set up your blog within no time. It is a self hosted blogging solution which means you need to sign up for a web hosting. It is the best choice if you want to have a full control over your blog.



  • Have full control over your blog. Customize your blog according to your taste and requirements.
  • Add more features to your self hosted blog. Add forums, online stores, or paid memberships to your WordPress.org Blog.
  • Your hard work can easily be monetized. You can run ads on your blog to make money online.
  • You can choose among thousands of free themes and design templates to stand out from the crowd. WordPress allows you more customization.
  • There are more than 50,000 WordPress Plugins that you can use to add more features to your blog. These plugins are like apps for your blog. For Example, you can add a contact form to your blog simply by installing a plugin to your blog.


  • Hence, you have to manage your blog all by yourself. You need to learn the things parallel to your blogging journey.
  • You have to take care of backups and security of your blog.

4. Medium

This blogging platform was launched in 2012. Soon it has become popular in the writers’ community. It is free to join. You can signup for free and start writing on the topic of your choice. It is more like a social media website. You get a profile on it just like Facebook.


It is an easy to use blogging platform with limited features. You can start writing and publishing articles once you get a profile on it.


  • An easy to use blogging platform. Don’t need any technical and coding skills to start a blog.
  • Reach an existing online community with similar interests.
  • You don’t need to worry about designing a website. You can focus solely on writing and publishing articles.


  • It comes with limited features. You have less choice of designs and templates.
  • You don’t own your audience and followers. If you lose your profile, you will lose your audience.
  • Cannot monetize your writings and unable to make money for your blog.
  • You cannot use your customized domain name. You will get a profile link. For example, www.medium.com/@yourname.

5. Wix

Wix is a famous website builder for businesses. You can also start your blog on a Wix website. Wix.com was started in 2006. It is a drag and drop website builder and a blogging platform. That was started especially for small businesses to design their websites and blogs on their own, without having any coding or technical skills. It has over 100 Million users around the globe.



  • There are dozens of templates to customize your blog or website.
  • You can create your professional website and blog by drag and drop menu. No coding or technical skill is required.
  • Quick and easy to launch your blog or website.


  • The free version comes with limited features, wix.com branding, and advertisements run by the company.
  • A limited number of third party apps are available for customization.
  • The template design cannot be changed once it is selected.
  • E-commerce related features are very limited even in a paid plan.


At the end of this article, I will conclude that the best blogging platform for you depends on where you want to take your blogging journey. If you want to start a personal or hobby blog and you don’t want to make money from it, then a free blog on Blogger, WordPress, or Medium is a perfect place to start your blog.

These all three platforms are easy to set up, incredibly simple to publish your thoughts on the internet. Above all, you don’t need to pay a single penny to share your ideas and experiences on these blogging platforms.

If you want to monetize your blog and turn it into a business. Then free platforms are not going to work for you. You can start your blog on Wix and WordPress.org.

WordPress.org is open-source blogging software that provides you ultimate control over your self hosted blog. You can host your blog with Namecheap at economical prices. The domain name and web hosting both are available in one place.

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