January 25, 2023

About Me

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Hasan Ibrar

Hello Everyone!

This is Hasan Ibrar and I welcome you to my blog “Ha Talks”. I have created this platform to document my journey towards learning. I have a thirst of knowledge and I try to learn new skills from where ever I could learn.

Let me tell you about my educational background. I have done MBA Marketing and I have a keen interest in the business. I have served in different organizations in the administration department.

On this blog we will discuss Business Ideas, Making Money Online and e-commerce. My aim is to empower our young generation with emerging skills and make their mind to start their own venture instead of searching for a job. I will do my best to share my learning and knowledge on this platform. I also create videos on my youtube channel, you may visit my channel. Link is given on header bar.

So keep reading my posts and keep sharing knowledge in your circle. No one knows everything, but everyone knows something. Let’s share that “something” with each other.