November 27, 2022
Must-Have Accessories for Men

16 Must-Have Accessories For Men to Look Handsome

Looking beautiful is the right of everyone. We all want to look beautiful and try for it. Every man’s wardrobe tells about his personality. Today, we are going to have a look at 16 must-have accessories for men to look handsome in this article. We must have these accessories in our closet to be ready for every occasion.

1. Leather Wallet

Leather Wallet

I will start the list of these 16 must-have accessories for men to look handsome with a Leather Wallet. Having a unique and good quality leather wallet is essential for every man. We keep our debit and credit cards in it. It also contains our identity documents and driving licence.

Currency notes are also kept in a wallet. Hence, a leather wallet is very important for men. Don’t forget to collect your wallet whenever going outside of your home or office.

2. Wristwatch

Wrist Watch

A wristwatch is used as a fashion gadget nowadays. It is something more than just for watching time on it. Men use wristwatches in their daily routine. There are many brands in the market that are offering different kinds of watches. Smartwatches are high in demand these days.

You should have at least one branded wristwatch to put on with your outfit on different occasions. A watch is something you may keep it with you for years to come, and probably hand over it to your future son.

3. Tie and Bowtie

Tie and Bowtie

You don’t need to have a separate tie with every outfit and you may never have it. Tie or Bowtie is something that fits with almost all of your outfits. Hence, you should have at least one silk tie and a few ties in solid colours.

Navy blue and black tie can be worn with different light colour shirts. Collection of few good quality ties should be a part of your closet for your office use and as well as for different occasions.

4. Cufflinks


Cufflinks are something very personal in style. You may have customized cufflinks with yours or your partner’s initials or contain the picture of your favourite pet or sports in a metal mould.

Cufflinks have a good impact on your personality and your sense of fashion. The list of 16 must-have accessories for men to look handsome can not be completed without cufflinks. People can judge your personality by looking at the collection of your shirt’s cufflinks. So choose wisely and look different from others.

5. Sunglasses or Spectacles for Men


Sunglasses not only protect your eyes from sunlight but adds an attractive look in your personality. Identify your face shape and choose sunglasses that suits your face. If you use spectacles, try out stylish frames with them.

Different Brands are selling many kinds of stylish sunglasses and frames. You can have a couple of sunglasses in your collection.

6. Card Holder

Card Holder

Using a stylish case to store and carry your business cards with you makes a good impact. Pulling out a business card out of a card case can impress people immediately.

Try out a sleek and compact design cardholder and enhance your personality. Therefore, you can use this accessory daily.

7. Scarf


Scarf has been used since ancient times. initially, this garment was used to keep clean. The scarf became a fashion accessory in the early 19th century.

You can put on a scarf to protect yourself from cold weather. As well as it makes you look sophisticated. Instead of hoodies, try out a woollen scarf and keep your style game on.

8. Pocket Square

Pocket Square

Pocket Square is a perfect must-have accessory for men to make any suiting look different and attractive immediately. The trend of the pocket square as a fashion accessory started in the early 1920s. Few cotton or silk Pocket Squares should be the part of your outfits. You can also put on a tie and a pocket square made with the same fabric.

9. Leather Belt

Leather Belt

Have a few belts in different colours and buckle designs. So that you have a choice to pick from while styling an outfit for an event. Your belt should be matching with your shoes to bring together your outfit.

10. Messenger Bag

Messenger Bag

Every man must have to own an elegant bag. Whether is a leather laptop or a side-satchel bag. Men’s Messenger Bags are a stylish alternative to a formerly used briefcase.

Your messenger bag will contain your important documents, laptop and many other accessories that you want to keep with you while stepping out of your home.

11. Camera


You should have a camera that can not make a phone call. Today, we all have cameras in our smartphones with higher megapixels, but a dedicates camera gives you full control on shutter speed, focus and depth of field to produce perfect photos of your significant other, your kids or a perfect sunset on a beach.

12. External Hard Drive

External Hard Drive

We have a lot of important documents that we want to keep safe and occasionally we need them. Most of the time we just need the photocopy of these documents. So an external hard drive can solve our problem.

We can keep such documents in softcopy and we can take prints from it anytime we need rather than we go to dig out the original documents in our locker and make a photocopy from them. It will also be helpful to move our work data from our old laptop to the new one. There are a lot of other benefits of having an external hard drive.

13. Notebook


A notebook aka notepad or writing pad is a stack of pages that are used to record notes. Today, we use computers and other electronic devices such as mobile phones for writing anything. But, a notepad and a pen is an essential accessory to keep with you.

You can immediately take notes on it without turning on your laptop. Therefore, you should have a notepad with you to keep you organized.

14. Baseball Hat for Men

Baseball Hat

Normally men wear a formal outfit throughout the week. But, on weekends we all prefer casual dressing. Baseball Hat is a perfect must-have accessory to put on with jeans and polo t-shirt on a family outing at weekends.

A Baseball Hat also protects you from direct sunlight when you are outdoors. So having a couple of such hats in solid colours of your choice is not a bad spending decision.

15. Weekender Bag

Weekender Bag

We all travel somewhere, whether it is a specific country or across towns. A weekender bag is a good choice to keep your clothing with you for a one-week-long trip. Your bag should not only fulfil your carrying requirement but at the same time, it should look good along with your outfits.

16. Dopp Kit

Dopp Kit

Dopp Kit or a Toiletry Bag keeps a gentleman organized because it keeps your grooming products in a good manner. Whether you are travelling outside your town or you are going to the gym, Dopp Kit is an essential accessory for a true gentleman.

Toiletry Bag helps to protect your clothing and luggage, in case if any of your toiletries leak or spill.

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