Stop drinking Soda and Fizzy drinks

Why am I telling you to stop drinking soda or fizzy drinks? What should be the reason? We usually love drinking soda as it has a pleasant taste, that amazing fizzy pops and yeah a fine essence of relaxation. You all might agree that most of you can’t resist having a soda while having a dinner or lunch but you should keep in mind that drinking fizzy drink is actually not that healthy or good. It’s time to take action. You have to stop drinking these drinks.
For the purpose of making my argument more powerful, let me tell you some reasons to STOP.

Why should you stop?


In addition, soda can be a reason for several other harms too. Phosphorus in the soda can become a cause of tooth decay and weakness of bones. The more sugar you consume you push yourself towards diabetic disorders even lowering of testosterone as well.
Most of the fizzy drinks have caffeine which is a natural stimulant but don’t be so happy, an excessive amount of anything can be a cause of hazardous results.
The more you drink, the more habitual changes occur. Drinking such a thing that can have a zero benefit and hundreds of harms is really ridiculous.
Still, you think you should drink these?
Stop! Just stop today!

How to stop drinking?

hatalks.comI’ve told you the reasons to stop drinking soda and fizzy drinks. Now you might be curious that how to stop now. How to change a habit!
I know it’s not that simple and easy but it’s not that hard and fast either. Here are some tips and tricks to STOP DRINKING SODA AND FIZZY DRINKS.
  • Focus on calculating your calories. Try to calculate that how much calorie intake is on daily basis then calculate the amount of calorie that is consumed only by a fizzy drink. Once you have your soda calorie calculated, now try to lower it down day by day. Say you consume 500 calories from soda a day. Aim to consume 400 on the next day then further 300 and so on.
  • Do yoga, meditation, workout or any physical activity. This will help you in utilizing your energy and your body will end up with fewer carbs gained from the fizzy drinks or soda.
  • Don’t even think of relying on diet sodas because they are not going to help you out anyway.
  • Start adding water to your soda or fizzy drink. Now, this might sound silly but it will actually help you out. You have a concept of consuming a certain amount of fizzy drinks a day so adding water will give you that particular amount but with lesser calories for sure.
  • Try a glass of simple water or lemon water before having a drink. You know why some people drink soda? Because they are thirsty. By having a glass a glass of water your thirst might quench up and you will not feel for soda anymore.
hatalks.comYou can follow these steps to help yourself to stop drinking soda and fizzy drinks. Just save these drinks for occasions but be in limits this time. You will certainly feel better after getting out of this habit.

If you like the information above feel free to share it with your friends and family and them to STOP DRINKING SODA AND FIZZY DRINKS!

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