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Kwashiorkor is deadly

Some of you might not know that why kwashiorkor is deadly, even what it actually is. If this disease was common in developed and most sophisticated countries then you might know it. It is commonly found in Africa, Nigeria and parts of a few large deserts of the world. Medical research teams are not even giving importance to this deadly disease knowing that if action is not taken on the time it can lead a victim to a painful death.

Kwashiorkor is basically edema of legs. In simple words, it is a disease caused by lack of protein in your body. Basically, a nutritional disorder that can be in its worst shape as kwashiorkor.

You always get to hear from your family doctor and in this new era of fitness industry from your gym coach that protein is everything. Your whole muscle structure is based on your protein intake. Actually, it is true. You need to understand that your body needs a proper amount of protein to work and that proper amount of protein is obtained only from nutrition because your body itself can never produce protein. Protein does the recovery job in your body, in addition, it is even responsible for your growth. That is the main reason a pregnant woman is always recommended to have a high protein diet because that diet can directly be supplied to the baby that is developing inside her body. If the supply of protein stops, the development of baby stops as well and at the time of birth, you meet a disabled child.hatalks.com

Ever thought that what will be the after effect that if that disabled child still doesn’t get that proper amount of protein even after birth?

The results will be worst. That child ends up being in a coma or dead. This is because his organs begin to stop working. Even his legs and arms get thin like sugarcane. You might be surprised that if this has happened to anyone yet or not. Africa and even Nigeria is the biggest example where the people have to face famines and floods. They remain hungry for several days. Their pregnant women stay hungry even with a new plant they are watering in their wombs.

Cure kwashiorkor

hatalks.comKwashiorkor can be cured if a proper amount of calories are taken. A person diagnosed with the symptoms of this deadly disease must consume lean meat, fish, nuts and especially eggs. Consuming a reasonable amount of these foods will provide him the necessary calories and he will get out of this disease.

This is one of the diseases which are needed to be noticed and ought to be taken action on early stages. This can be cured at its early stages but if no steps are taken at primary stages, this disease is just like cancer that can give you nothing but a painful death Spread the word share this article with everyone. Hundreds of kids are dying from this deadly disease. They need our help and support. Spread awareness to the world.



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