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Herniated disc recovery

Herniated Disc is one of the major issues or center of discussion these days.herniated disc hatalks.comHerniated disc-You spine consists of vertebra and cushions in between each vertebra. So when that cushion slips out of that vertebra it blocks your vein pumping blood to your legs or arms. You can have a herniated disk without even knowing it because the pain that is being caused by that blockage starts with weakness. As the time passes and days pass on, that blockage that is preventing blood from reaching the essential muscles starts giving you some tingling or numb sensation. That sensation then turns into severe pain.

herniated disc experience

herniated disc hatalks.com

I personally had herniated disc issue for last 2 years I was doing deadlift in the gym and all of a sudden due to heavy jerk my lower back disc slipped away. In beginning, I was not even feeling any numbness or any kind of a pain but as the time passed, all those horrible things started happening. I visited almost every doctor and physiotherapist in my city but all efforts went in vain. After all efforts, doctors just recommended me for a surgery. Being afraid of surgeries, I was just not ready to go through a surgery. After 2 years of pain, I really found a solution that worked for me and it will work for you all too.

Lower back pain treatment without surgery

I ‘ve learned from my experience that herniated disc can be recovered if we handle it with patience. Today I do deadlifts and even squats and there is no sign of pain yet.

The treatment is in 3 simple and easy steps that anyone can follow.

herniated disc recovery step-01

  • Hang on pull up bar

Just hang to the pull-up bar with the tip of your toes touching the ground. In this way, you are actually decompressing your spine and making that useful space where you are going to put that cushion which is herniated out of that vertebra.
Hang on for about 15 seconds till you feel that sense of stretching in that specific herniated part of your lower back.

herniated disc recovery step-02

  • Stand beside wall

Now, this is the major step. Stand straight and lift your one leg up and try to balance your body till you lose balance and touch both feet back again. Do the same with the other leg. You will easily notice that one leg balance stays for more time than the other. Leg balance that lasts for lesser time either its left side or right side is basically the side where the disc is herniated or slipped out.
Let’s say that the disc is slipped out from the right side. You will stand along the wall with your shoulder touching the wall from the LEFT SIDE and your feet about 1 foot away from the wall.
Now you are in a slant position. Try to align your torso along with the wall. In this way, you are pushing that herniated disc back in the original position.

Third step of herniated disc recovery is dedicated to the exercises that you will do to strengthen your core back so that this issue will never happen again.

Herniated disc recovery exercises step-03

Follow the simple exercise  to simply strengthen back your core

herniated disc recovery- hatalks.comDo this exercise with patience.

you will surely get results after this treatment do it for 2 weeks continuously and you will definitely recover from herniated or slipped disc


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