hamadWelcome to HATalks.com- Daily Blog for You.

My name is Hamad Ahmad and I am a student as well as a blogger who was (sadly) earning well from this dynamic medium.

I am currently a student of BBA. Apart from all this, I love making sketches and love to sing and write.

HA Talks is all about interesting techniques, hot news and different health and fitness methods that can make your life much easier and if you are new in health and fitness industry, I can help you with tips and tricks to tackle with your problems.

Hobby to Profession

As I already had an interest in writing and was always appreciated for my writing skills, I decided to convert that hobby into a profession. back in 2012 I saw a blog of my professor and just thought after reading that I can write much better than him (i know that sounds cheesy)  so, just started with my own blog and started putting my skill and effort into it. With an effort of few months my blog started generating money and I started getting good feedback from people but then an incident happened and my site got hacked and I lost everything. As I was new and was unaware of this kind of threats so I didn’t have any backup plan at that time.

There wasn’t any way but to start from the scratch again and I ended up with this blog.

I hope you can enjoy reading my blog and get useful information from it.